Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring is in the Air

What a cutie she is and such a delight

The weather has gone back and forth lately and even reached summer time heat for 4 days. Our family has been busy with returning to mowing the yard and trying to get more boxes unpacked and sorted.
We have been enjoying the yard and all the room for the dogs to run, but mostly watching Jaiden enjoy her playhouse, swimming pool and the neighbor girls...

Even though the water was freezing, she just couldn't get enough of the splashing. This was taken on the 25th of April, and was a the first of our 4 days of 90 + degree weather. A perfect way to end the day. Bill, Rick, Jaiden and I participated in the local March for Babies 5 mile walk. What a rewarding, but grueling experience. I wasn't sure I was going to make it several

this was early on in the walk...don't we look optimistic here? I kept trying to get Jaiden to scoot over and share the stroller with Oma, but she was having none of She even had a bottle and a short nap during the walk.

I also have started another SAL, Yes I am This is another one from the ; a 2 parter and I'm happy to say I have completed the first part. I look forward to completing this design and then will have to decide what room to put it in as will color wise go into 4 rooms. Decisions, decisions...
Isn't it pretty!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I was awarded this Blogger Buddy Award from Teresa at Isn't it pretty.
I have been so bad about not posting part due to no new
Hopefully that will change soon.
I now need to send this to 3 people. I will send this watch out it might be you!