Wednesday, September 30, 2009

contest oops!

I forgot to state the information on the It is called Santa's Flight (pictured on page 77/chart on page 83) by Shepherd's Bush. When completed this ornament will hang on my 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Tree in my story book nook.

Contest is over!

Mary won the contest. Congratulations to her on knowing her JCS Ornament issue!

A contest is a brewing!

I have started an ornament from the JCS Ornament issue (2009) and am making a bit a progress. But thought hey why not make a contest out of it, since the stitching seems a bit obscure at From this picture, if you can correctly identify the design, designer, and page number I have a few duplicates of cross stitch magazines I would love to send to you.

The catch is you must be the first to post the correct information (design, designer, and page number) to my blog and in the post leave your name, email addy, and which group you know me from.

And now for the photo:

Have fun and look forward to your answers

Contest is a brewing is over!

Mary has won this contest! I hope to post more contests soon. thanks to everyone for taking a peek

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Christmas SAL part 3

I finally managed to get the floss color needed for this (DMC 351) this morning and put the last stitches in this afternoon. I'm ready and waiting for part 4 on

Okay the wait won't be long or sitting idly as I have gone through my JCS Ornaments issue for the 6th or 7th time in the last week. The last two browsings have been to plan out which ones are a must for as quickly as possible. And today they were marked and two of which are of the otmost priority so they can hang on one of my Story Book Nook trees this year. I will which ones for a surprise at the moment

Seasonal Cups part 3

Another part of the seasonal cups has been completed. Only one more to go and then on to finishing my first bell pull. Today I hope to finish part 3 of the Christmas SAL and maybe start the frogging process on the Peace SAL, so a restart can begin on it. Of course there are some housework issues to attend to first, but that shouldn't take too

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another finish

Last night I completed part 2 of the Christmas SAL. This makes me almost caught up with it.

Hopefully tonight I can complete part 3, and be able to work on another SAL.

I also spent time yesterday pulling out the fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations, so now as I go through and fall clean each room I can get it decorated for the autumn season. Also Rick and I can see what we still need for the Halloween decorating and really get to the nitty gritty of our plans for that.

Wow the year is just passing by quickly. Soon it will be Christmas, and then 2010! Where does time go?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christmas SAL

Last week I signed up to do a Christmas SAL and of course I'm already But I got part 1 and part 2 charts the same day and managed to stitch part 1 yesterday.

This is such a pretty design and I am anxious to get it stitched, which is good as part 3 comes out today. So today will find me stitching part 2 and hopefully tomorrow part 3 so I am ready for part 4 when it is released on October 3rd.
I will also be frogging stitching I did on another SAL (Peace SAL) so I can start that over and have part 1 completed in time for part 2 to be released October 21.
I have so many projects to finish up, so I guess I need to get my fingers flying.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oops! the photo didn't post in the previous

A small finish

I finished the summer teacup from the OakhavenDesigns group Chat from this past weekend. Once the Autumn and Winter cups are added I plan to make this into a bell pull and have a spot all picked out to hang in my kitchen. Thank you Tonia for these wonderful designs.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What a wonderful time of year!

The air is cooler, and yes the leaves are already starting to turn. It seems early to me but then again I haven't really experienced many fall seasons in the past 10

Perfect weather for Football and with that means many Saturdays spent in front of the tv watching our favorite team...OU Sooners! So far with two games behind them this year they are 1-1, two injured players from the first string one of which is Sam Bradford our fantastic QB and last year's Heismann trophy winner.

Of course here is a picture of our favorite Sooner. Yes we had to order Jaiden a Sooner Cheerleader's dress. LOL

Last night Bill and I went to see the Phillies win a sweep against the Washington DC Nationals. It brought back a quick flash to a baseball game I went to as a kid with my family. Oklahoma 89ers...unfortunately the team is no more and definitely the ball park was totally different. And the seating....well what can I say last night we were in a corporate box with catered food. So yes that was a huge

Here's hoping fall is a wonderful season for all!