Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christmas SAL

Last week I signed up to do a Christmas SAL and of course I'm already But I got part 1 and part 2 charts the same day and managed to stitch part 1 yesterday.

This is such a pretty design and I am anxious to get it stitched, which is good as part 3 comes out today. So today will find me stitching part 2 and hopefully tomorrow part 3 so I am ready for part 4 when it is released on October 3rd.
I will also be frogging stitching I did on another SAL (Peace SAL) so I can start that over and have part 1 completed in time for part 2 to be released October 21.
I have so many projects to finish up, so I guess I need to get my fingers flying.


  1. This is going to be so pretty, and I'm going to enjoy watching it materialize. Can anyone still join?

  2. Looks good - seems like there's never enough time to stitch it all, doesn't it?

  3. You've put me to shame as I've not even started my Christmas SAL yet, haven't decided whether to do it in blue or coloured yet. Looking good XX