Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Lost Art of Writing Remember that excitment when you received a card or a letter in the mail? In this day and age it doesn't happen often; and I find that sad. I know most of what I receive in the mail are things I really don't want: junk mail and or bills.....yuck! Reading a blog post (the Crafty Donkey http://craftdonkey.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-lost-art-of-writing.html ) a few minutes ago reminded me of those letters I used to share with Penpals and friends that lived so far away. No matter if the day was a good day or a bad day, the whole world seemed so much smaller and more friendly seeing something with my name on it in the stack of mail. I'm guilty with the rest of the world of not writing and sending letters and cards to my loved ones because the internet has replaced that and everything is so much quicker and instant now. NO matter how I say I'm going to try and write so many letters each month or send out cards each month.....I fall flat. I will strive to be better about writing and sending cards and letters out to my friends and family....after all the price of a stamp although seems to rise often really isn't that much. The smile and joy it will bring to them is worth so much more. Please go to The Crafty Donkey blog and remember those days of unexpected mail and the joy it brought.