Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday banner and cupcakes

Well today is the big day...my granddaughter turns 5! She is getting too big too fast! And turning into a lovely young lady....well okay still very much a girlie girl tomboy but has such a wonderful spirit and curious about all things.

Each year coming up with her party plans ends up requiring alot of planning and is such a fun time for me. First birthday was a simple one: chocolate cake with family and letting her dive right in. Second birthday was a trip by plane to Oklahoma to spend it with extended family and a whole princess party complete with castle cake. Third birthday was a spring themed one with a giant cupcake and lots of little cupcakes all dressed out with pretty butterflies. Fourth birthday was a Unbirthday Tea Party which was alot of fun with a topsy turvy cake and pocket watch invitations.

This year with Easter so early it only seemed right to make it an Easter themed party, so Easter egg invitations, and bunnies and Easter games galore will be hopping around my house this weekend.

This is waiting for that wake up this morning. She is so excited about her birthday that she asked to be put to bed last night. Okay she rarely ever fights bedtime but I don't think she has ever asked to be put to bed before....lol.

For her birthday she is also taking cupcakes to preschool today

Last week was cupcakes at her other preschool class and tomorrow is a party at Preschool to celebrate her birthday and Easter. Then the party here on Saturday...but we think she is special and worth celebrating. :)

Monday, March 25, 2013


Not if you looked out my window today. This photo was taken around 6:30 this morning and was at about 1 inch deep. NOw at 9 am we are approaching about 3 inches. The forecast is for 3-6 inches today...this will be the most snow seen at my house for two years. And we had to wait for Spring to get it....lol.

It has made kids happy to see, and some of the grown kids at my house has ventured into it. Little ones have slight colds so they are enjoying it warmly from the inside.

Well it is back to birthday party preparations, so I'll post more later. Enjoy your weather; whatever it is as much as possible :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Little Baskets

Last night I sat down to play and put together 5 of the little baskets for Jaiden's birthday party. I wanted to keep them simple in decoration, and rather like how they turned out.

These are just simple paper basket cut from a 9x9 inch piece of cardstock and scored 3 inches in on each side, with two scores lines(each of two sides)on what would become the side edges. Then I used an edging punch to create my scalloped edge. Using a small hole punch I was able to secure the flaps with a handle I edged on both long sides with my border punch. To help cover the overlapping on the sides I used a flower with a brad for the center.

I also used washi tape to create the decorative line (my newest find; I know I'm slightly behind times :) )and a foam sticker of a bunny.

As I hate using the Easter grass (this stuff gets all over the place and you find it for months later)I will be using tissue paper before putting goodies in these. Okay I don't use the "grass" for Easter baskets period, but use brightly colored t-shirts to line baskets. This not only keeps me from cleaning up the shredded stuff for months, but was (and is) a useful extra gift to help get my kids (and now granddaughter) spring and summer shirts.

Now to work on the invitations...I'm so glad I have a month to work on all this. Life gets so hectic I love to allow extra time in preparing.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The little things in life

This past week has been a challenging one...my laptop has been having issues and finally I gave in and had to do a factory reset. Now I have problems with getting online as it tells me it isn't supported or something to that nature and I often can manage to finally get online by hitting the backup button.
So long story short I haven't gotten too play much with crafting this past week.

I started working on Birthday invitations and goodie "bags" for my granddaughter's upcoming at the end of the month and hope to share soon. As her birthday is shortly before Easter I'm going with the Easter theme, so lots of eggs, bunnies, and flowers here.

Stay tuned for the Easter parade of birthday party creations.