Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birthday banner and cupcakes

Well today is the big day...my granddaughter turns 5! She is getting too big too fast! And turning into a lovely young lady....well okay still very much a girlie girl tomboy but has such a wonderful spirit and curious about all things.

Each year coming up with her party plans ends up requiring alot of planning and is such a fun time for me. First birthday was a simple one: chocolate cake with family and letting her dive right in. Second birthday was a trip by plane to Oklahoma to spend it with extended family and a whole princess party complete with castle cake. Third birthday was a spring themed one with a giant cupcake and lots of little cupcakes all dressed out with pretty butterflies. Fourth birthday was a Unbirthday Tea Party which was alot of fun with a topsy turvy cake and pocket watch invitations.

This year with Easter so early it only seemed right to make it an Easter themed party, so Easter egg invitations, and bunnies and Easter games galore will be hopping around my house this weekend.

This is waiting for that wake up this morning. She is so excited about her birthday that she asked to be put to bed last night. Okay she rarely ever fights bedtime but I don't think she has ever asked to be put to bed before....lol.

For her birthday she is also taking cupcakes to preschool today

Last week was cupcakes at her other preschool class and tomorrow is a party at Preschool to celebrate her birthday and Easter. Then the party here on Saturday...but we think she is special and worth celebrating. :)

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  1. What FUN birthdays!!!!! You ROCK Grandma!!! And Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl!!!! How FUN!!!! I wanted to also Thank you SO much for your very sweet comment you left on my blog!!!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!!