Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Little Baskets

Last night I sat down to play and put together 5 of the little baskets for Jaiden's birthday party. I wanted to keep them simple in decoration, and rather like how they turned out.

These are just simple paper basket cut from a 9x9 inch piece of cardstock and scored 3 inches in on each side, with two scores lines(each of two sides)on what would become the side edges. Then I used an edging punch to create my scalloped edge. Using a small hole punch I was able to secure the flaps with a handle I edged on both long sides with my border punch. To help cover the overlapping on the sides I used a flower with a brad for the center.

I also used washi tape to create the decorative line (my newest find; I know I'm slightly behind times :) )and a foam sticker of a bunny.

As I hate using the Easter grass (this stuff gets all over the place and you find it for months later)I will be using tissue paper before putting goodies in these. Okay I don't use the "grass" for Easter baskets period, but use brightly colored t-shirts to line baskets. This not only keeps me from cleaning up the shredded stuff for months, but was (and is) a useful extra gift to help get my kids (and now granddaughter) spring and summer shirts.

Now to work on the invitations...I'm so glad I have a month to work on all this. Life gets so hectic I love to allow extra time in preparing.

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