Monday, January 25, 2010

34 and counting down!

Last night I completed my second of the family ornaments for this year!  Each finish of these is a happy dance in their own.  Only 34 more to go and I will be finally caught up on these and can decorate a tree with all 70 of them.

I also worked a little (only a few stitches at a time) on my stitcher's book project.  I really need to set aside one day a week for this so I can see progress.  So far I do not even have the outline for the first page (front and back cover) stitched, but I will get it done in due time; I'm quite determined.

Today I will be working on stitching for a Small's Exchange on SnowaddictedStitchers yahoogroup.  Then I'll be starting another of the green stockings on the family ornaments before stitching 5 more of these Jack in the boxes in a row.

So much stitching to do and so little time to sit and stitch!  What is a girl to

Friday, January 22, 2010

3rd finish for 2010

Well I am behind on my progress of the family ornaments but have just completed my third project for the year.  This is a Lizzie * Kate design, a set of three in the Tiny Tidings II.  I added an outline back stitching to the border to help make the DMC 712 show up better. 
I have type up my project list for this year, which I would love to complete but realistically I will be quite happy to complete 2/3 of it. :)

I'm hoping by posting my list here it will help me to be more accountable and working through it all. 

Family Ornaments (35 to go out of 70 - Leisure Arts 1980s)
A Quaker Christmas (Bygone Stitches)
Pumpkin Magic (DMC website)
Noel SAL (2/3rd way completed)
Book of Ink Circles SAL(3/4 + completed)
GingerBread Trio (1/2 completed)

EMS Flower of the Month
Frog Ornaments
OHD 2010 Monthly SAL
Bride’s Tree SAL

New Projects:
Stocking for Jaiden (Sugar and Spice Angel Cuff – Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine July/Aug 92)
Jane Austen Sampler Stocking (Sampler Girl)
Various Ornaments for different Holidays (Random ones)
Stitcher’s Book ( )

3rd finish for 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Year

This is a year for finishing things and decluttering for me. I have been working on a family ornament project for many years off and on. Well this year I plan to complete it; well get it caught up. For as long as our family grows so will the project.

In this project, started by one of my sisters before her death in 1986; there will be a cross stitch ornament for each member of the family. Starting with my parents represented by Santa Claus and Mrs Claus; then each of their daughters and daughters in law being Angels and their sons and sons in law being soldiers. For their grandsons, green stockings and granddaughters, red stockings. Then a several years later was the addition of great grandkids which my mom chose a Jack in the Box design. Only the grandkids and greats will have names on them. Total current figures are at 69 ornaments all said and done. Stitched the count is at 34; and my goal is one a week this year til caught up. Which should be sometime in September. Here is a photo of the 34th stitched completed last week.

Brad is my oldest niece's husband. This week I'll be finishing up Ann's family with the stitching of her youngest's Jack in the Box.

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my goal of one ornament a week, but each ornament will take many hours of work to get stitched. But I am anxious to complete them and see them all on a Christmas tree this year.