Thursday, May 21, 2009


I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted. Things have been slightly crazy around here. We received our non-temporary storage shipment last week and I had so much fun going through things we haven't seen in 9 years.
Of course with that I have spent lots of time trying to inject some TLC into the wood furniture that was in the storage. Obviously it felt very neglected and has lost alot of luster...more treatments with lemon oil will help with that though.

I have recently also been doing lots of yard work along side of Bill and Rick; we had to sod the part of the front out by the curb, have planted two arbor type trees into planters by the front porch, impatients by the mailbox, and two gardenia trees into pots for the back patio.
Needless to say this month my muscles have gotten a bit of a

I have also revisited my WIPS and planned out a rotation to get a few things done. The rest of this month I plan to complete a victorian angel ornament barely started last year. Then starting the 1st of June I will be following a rotation. The first week of the month I will work on OHD Aug MSAL (I'm close to finishing page 9 of 15 pages); the second week I will work on A Quaker Christmas which I have about half finished; the third week will be for working on my Book Of InkCircles; and the fourth week will be for working on my quaker Carnation Sampler. This will go until I complete these with the 5th weeks of months and to finish off a week when another project is completed for working on small items such as the Family and Around the World Ornaments.
I also have several WIPs lined up to then move into the rotation and a couple of kitted up projects; believe me I won't run out of things to
Here is a photo of The Christmas Angel 1988 that I'm working on currently.

I plan to outline the wings with gold to help them stand out from the off white background. I'm really anxious to complete this and plan to make into an ornament for my small victorian tree this year.

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  1. She is going to be beautiful when complete Maraline. Can't wait to see the end result. Hugs;, Barbee