Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today I can do a slight happy dance! I finished the next to the last section of a MSAL that I began last October time frame. This wonderful design is by Tonia Papillon of OakHavenDesigns and is titled "Language of a Cross Stitcher".
I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it and will be my first finished Sampler and is my first work on linen ever. The colors are very lovely and the colors of the design, so I can't really take credit for But they will look very nice in my bedroom when I get it finished, pressed and

I am currently also working on more smalls through weekend chats with Tonia and the group at OakhavenDesigns. It has been wonderful getting to know alot of the wonderful girls from the group during these chats.
The current series is teacups for the seasons. These will be made into a small bell pull to hang on a narrow wall space in my kitchen. They will go great with my teapot


  1. The photos are reversed on this post.

  2. This is soooo pretty!! Both of them!

  3. Maraline - this is gorgeous - can't wait to see it finished! And your teacup is adorable!I just might have to check this out. I have a friend who loves teapots, etc.

  4. How beautiful this is! I'd love to see it when you've got it framed.