Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Good start to the week!

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I am happy to say I have a finish for the week already.

I actually started this little design by NeedleMagic, Inc. a while ago and had to put it away for some reason or another....well forgot about it and then found it the other day. Today I put the final stitches in it and love the way it looks. My plan to finish this off into an ornament for my Victorian tree, but that will need to wait until after the Chicago trip.

Now to get busy getting ready for the much to do an not much more time to get it done in.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Few Finishes Finally!

Last night I completed a couple things so I finally have things to

This is "A Very Merry Christmas" by JBW designs and I still have to attach the red heart for the tree topper, but am debating on putting a small gold star instead; so it will sit for a short time while I decide which I would rather use. Part of the "dilemma" for me is that I always use either a star or Angel to top my trees

These next two photos are of an ornament for an exchange. The front design is by Gazette94 (a freebie design which I just love) I used a silver metallic for the scroll backstitching and accented with red glass seed beads.

For the back of this ornament I made my own design out of the idea of the scroll backstitching, a border I took from another design and charted the wording on graph paper. I do like the way it came out though very much.

I will be starting on Gingerbread Trio by Little House Needleworks this week as we travel to Chicago for our son's Pass and Review (graduation) from navy Basic Training. We are very proud of him as well as all our kids. Samuel is the third of sons to follow their dad's footsteps in the Navy. However that being said, I come from a long line of service members myself...including my own service (Air National Guard).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today I can do a slight happy dance! I finished the next to the last section of a MSAL that I began last October time frame. This wonderful design is by Tonia Papillon of OakHavenDesigns and is titled "Language of a Cross Stitcher".
I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it and will be my first finished Sampler and is my first work on linen ever. The colors are very lovely and the colors of the design, so I can't really take credit for But they will look very nice in my bedroom when I get it finished, pressed and

I am currently also working on more smalls through weekend chats with Tonia and the group at OakhavenDesigns. It has been wonderful getting to know alot of the wonderful girls from the group during these chats.
The current series is teacups for the seasons. These will be made into a small bell pull to hang on a narrow wall space in my kitchen. They will go great with my teapot

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Forgot to insert this challenge button and link to the beginning of this challenge. One of these days my head might get screwed on right.....but then again where would the fun be in

Everything Austen Challenge!

this will be so much fun. Between today and January 1, 2010 I need to complete 6 things related to Jane many to choose from. These could be simply watching six of the novels made into movies.....watching 6 different versions of the same one or reading Jane's novels or the many Austenish books that have followed. Others from the yahoogroup TheJaneAustenStitchingGroup are also incorporating stitching Jane Austen inspired designs into this.

My challenges will be: 1. Reading Pride and Prejudice (again),
2. Watching two of the different versions of Pride and Prejudice to make a report of the differences and similarities (basically a book
3. Reading Jane and the Barque Fraility by Stephanie Barron
4. Stitching a Jane Austen inspired Sampler
5. completing another stitching small project already started
6. Preparing a Jane Austen inspired Tea