Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stitching Progress

This is my January ornament for The Bride's Tree SAL. I put the last stitches into it today while enjoying a beautiful afternoon watching my granddaughter and two charming neighbor girls playing.

The house represents shelter and protection in the Bride's Tree. And what a charming house this depicts with the trees and shrubs framing it. I can almost picture the white picket fence around it.

I have had to stitch a new design for the February ornament as I cannot find the candlewicking heart I made many years ago (1984?). I had wanted to use it tying in the something old, but I know once I complete this new design (which I love by Kirsten Schmidt 2007) I will locate the candlewicking one. That is the way things go and I can save it for another set. The new one is about half way finished already this evening and will be finished tomorrow.