Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mixed Media Arts

I decided to try my hand at this ever growing in popularity craft. So far I bought a small 6"x9" watercolor notebook and used Gesso on the first page. I decided to Gesso both sides so the back was primed for using later. That was yesterday. Today I have created my first background in my Art Journal (or really inspiration Journal).

Using some Radiant Pearls I purchased many years ago I first brushed and swirled the color Peacock, then used Sweet Apricot to add some contrast. Next I decided to highlight using the color Frosty Iris, which I liked but was super light, so I used Royal Satin to add the purple it seemed to be calling for. This is the result.

I really think I like how it is going for now. I know I plan to use some quotes and sayings I saved many years ago from High School that were very dear to me and I want to preserve them in a special way. I now have to decide if I plan to embellish the pages in some other way. Please follow along on this journey into the world of Mixed Media Arts.

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