Sunday, February 10, 2013

One more share tonight

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are soooo ready for bed and as you head that way you remember: You need a dozen something for a kids' party in the morning! That is what happened here tonight. All weekend I've been battling a migraine of epic proportions and refusing to let it totally stop my plans to get some crafting done. Finally I was ready to call it done and heading off to some much desired sleep...then BAM I remembered my granddaughter's Valentine's Party at playgroup in the morning. I knew what I wanted to do and had the stuff just seems to have snuck up on me. So at 10pm I got out and set up my Cricut Expressions machine and began to work. Nothing to fancy, but I think super cute and she will love them. I tried to get all 12 of them to stand up in a flower pot I painted a little while back but without having a styrofoam ball in it that wasn't happening. Tomorrow night I'll be maing about 30 more for her two preschool classes. Happy Valentine's to All

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