Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two more cards!

Today was one of those rare days that I got to relax and play with my craft supplies! Last night I made a card for the first lesson in the Everything Embossed II class and posted. Today I got to complete the rest of the lesson for the class and made two more cards.

The first of the two was Resist with wax paper: Really a transfer of the wax onto paper which provided the wax for the color to stay away for the design to come through.

I love the look of this and can imagine it being used for so many things. I added for embellishment to this card quilled roses from a quilling die another first for

This next card is a Resist with crayon and then watercoloring. Crayons! I have always loved using crayons and when my kids were still in school and I bought there new box of crayons for school I had to have one I hadn't used water colors in soooo long and the ones I have in my craft supplies are in tubes (never used those before today). I wasn't sure where I was heading for when I began this card but just let it take me away. I have to say the end result I really LOVE and so outside the norm for me. I love the look of a mosaic or tiled table cloth and just screamed Fiesta! to me.

As is usual for me I didn't add a sentiment to these cards and won't til I go to use them. This is really just because I have made cards in the past and put particular sentiments on them and then needed a card and thought "If only it didn't have that sentiment on it....I could use it now" SO it just works better for me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the results of my "play" day and several firsts for me. Hopefully I will get to enjoy another play day soon. Enjoy!

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