Monday, September 16, 2013

Time to catch up!

Wow time has just flown and although nothing has been monumental just day to day busy!
Time to try and catch up:  Jaiden started school on 9/5/13 and loves it!  Her class seems to have a lot (almost half) of rhyming names!  More like a teacher's nightmare, but I'm sure the kids are all wonderful and the teacher feels blessed to have them all in her class.

I've gotten a little crafting done lately, although not quite as much as I would have liked but here goes with the sharing.

For the September swaps on OurCreativeTable (used to be ARTHavencreationsandfriendships) I participated in the Definition ATC, Halloween Tag, and Halloween Hangy Danglie.  I have sent my tag and Hangy Danglie off (this morning) to their new home and must say I like how they turned out.
The tag:
And the Hangy Danglie:
The Definition ATCs aren't quite ready yet but here are some of the other things I've finished since my last post.
A fall tag

8 Halloween cards from a kit that I am thinking will end up being hidden journaling cards for some fall scrapbook pages.

2 pages for the amusement park album but I might add some things to them, just not sure yet.

A small "basket" stand up card for a Sizzix 101 online class at I'm taking and hoping to use my dies more often in my crafting.  This is the perfect size to be a placecard or small decoration.  Change the embellishments out and will be adorable for Easter, Christmas or just picnicing.  

I think that is about all of my crafting but who knows, I may be back later to add some more.


  1. I love it all!!! You have been a busy little bee!!!hugs, Patty

  2. This is my first trip to your blog. Looks like you have a lot of fun with your crafting.
    Loved your work. And so loved your Pergamano. I had to check it out on youtube and I think I have found a new must try.

    1. Thank you for visiting and enjoying a look around. I hope you come back often. I really enjoy the Pergamano and hope to do more (for much happier occasions) soon.