Sunday, August 25, 2013

Labor of Love

Today was a day of creating a single card for a much beloved Aunt. My beloved Uncle James (we called him Uncle Beige) passed away a few days ago. He was such a kind and peaceful man, I never heard a single unkind word from him.

I have always loved butterflies and always thought them to be special. A few years ago a dear friend who had lost her grown daughter shared with me what she told her grandchildren how they could communicate with their Mother. Butterflies, are a messenger from God to carry all our messages to our loved ones and back. Sent from God to keep watch over us and help us in our times of sorrow and joy.

With this in mind I created this card using Pergamano for my Aunt Cleo.

I only dabble in Pergamano and lately only seem to make cards with it for sympathy cards. It takes me a little while to find the design I want to use as it must speak to me and about the person the card is for. Once selected as I work I think of the person and what they are going through. I also say prayers for them and the healing for their heartache.
The length of time I spend working on these cards are my way of sending hugs, and lots to love to the person receiving them.

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