Friday, February 28, 2014

Time for new beginnings

It has been such a long time since I have found my way back here......too long!  I decided today after much soul searching over the last several weeks that I really need to work on things for me.  Although it may seem selfish to actually say that, I really think when you hit a place where you feel you are losing who you are and not taking care of yourself something needs to be done.

I have continued to work occasionally on setting up my craftroom and still have a ways to go...of course it is easy to get sidetracked and make a little mess to get some creating time
I have been doing some crafting; mostly for swaps and enjoying them I just haven't been posting to share them.  I will be working on trying to share them over the next few days.
This hula girl and palm tree will be the stars for Jaiden's birthday invitation this year.  She is very excited to be having a luau to get busy on things.

I have been busy making swap items every month and often this is my only crafting, but I'm hoping to get things going again.  I'll share items soon (I still have to load them onto my computer or


  1. Hey Maraline, Jaiden's little Hula girl is really cute! You done a fantastic job on her, as you do with everything you do. I know she will be really happy with the Luau Birthday Party. hugs, Patty