Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning has arrived!

I've dabbled for the past week on getting this going but today is the day to really get going on this.  I will be begin with my kitchen and craftroom...taking a full week to get my kitchen done and allowing the craftroom more of a good straightening today.  I know I won't get it all done in two weeks time but at least a good start for the month.
Yes as crazy as it may sound I'm putting a time limit to get it done in....deadlines tend to help me  Nothing like putting pressure on ourselves.
I'm trying to get back on track with Flylady by using the weekly zone plus adding extras each day; hence the kitchen taking a week....second week of the month is the guessed it Kitchen!
I feel by doing it this way when the rooms next roll around for the zone of the week I will have a headstart with doing some of the overlooked areas of least it sounds good early in the morning to my mind.....LOL.
I still have a few things to get done on my swaps for the month and really need to get busy with scrapping LOs for the amusement park album before adding more pictures to get to for this subject...not to mention a dance recital and birthday party coming up for my favorite subject....Jaiden.
So for now I leave to go get busy....perhaps later I will post pics of my progress in the adventure of Spring Cleaning!


  1. Maraline, I think I may get out my book and start right along with you, probably not as agressive as you're going to, but hopefully, jumping in where I'm at will be a start. Let's fly, friend!!! hugs and much love, Patty

  2. At least you have a good plan. The best I've done lately is say, I'm gonna, I need to..., this coming weekend... But nothing gets done!