Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wow, Time just flies!

It seems only a couple weeks ago I posted and yet it was more like two months ago!

What has been going on?  Well Jaiden finished up Kindergarden and has played all summer long with her friends.  Her dance recital was held the week before school finished, which brought a week of practices every night and definitely wore her out.

We made a couple trips to Hershey Park this summer, and spent a few days at the community pool.  Although the summer has really been a mild one and leaves me to wonder what winter will be like?  I don't mind snow, but hate the bitter cold we had last winter.

Bill and I got to go on a vacation; just the two of us!  Something that rarely ever happens and it was nice!  We spent two nights in Orlando and didn't quite get to spend time at Universal Studios as we had talked about (luckily we didn't have tickets already) but we got to spend time with each other which is the best!.  From there we drove to Palm Beach and boarded a Royal Bahamas (Bahamas Celebration) cruise ship for an overnight cruise to Freeport, Bahamas and spent two nights at the Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort and then returned to Palm Beach via the cruise ship.  We ended our trip with a one night stay at a lovely B&B in Lake Worth, FL and had dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend.

The cruise was really wonderful; lots to do and we really didn't do anything but explore the ship on the way to Freeport but still enjoyed it.  The cruise back to Palm Beach we played Bingo, watch a comedian, balancing act, and magic show.  Listened to a little bit of karaoke and walked on deck looking at the stars.  The food was great!
Let me just say....Don't go to the Bahamas in August!  Even the locals told us that it normally isn't that hot but wow it was this year!  The humidity on top of the heat was too much for me.  I think we spent as much time in our room under the AC as we did on the

But with all good things there has to be an end, so we arrived back home to 67 degrees and rain.  And good news followed up for me the next day when I stepped on the scales.  Normally not something I enjoy doing at all, but from the morning we left on our week's vacation til we got home with all you can eat buffets both on the ship and at the resort I only gained 4 ounces!   Of course it would have been better to have lost weight but hey not putting on pounds is okay too.  I really think I melted it off during the heat and humidity, but I'm not going to complain about how.....LOL.
I still have to download the photos (which I didn't take that many really.....well not for me) and will post a few of the gorgeous view on the beach when I do.

Jaiden is set to start first grade in about 1.5 weeks and is all ready with school supplies and new school clothes so a first day of school photo will also soon be posted. Along with a few crafting photos which I haven't downloaded those photos either.  I guess I need to get busy and start setting aside a certain time frame to down load photos and be prepared.

Till next time!

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