Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Waterfall Folio...and a gift flip album; my they are addicting!

Yesterday and early this morning I completed another Waterfall Folio and love it!

It just seem to be screaming at me to use with the new paper pad I got at JoAnns (DCWV Dear Jane).  I love Jane Austen and this paper pad is just perfect!

Closed                             Opened

Some of the pages of the waterfall.  Light pinks and cream and then the brown with portraits of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth and Jane Bennet.  Just takes me back to reading "Pride and Prejudice".

Maybe I should watch one of the versions today; while sipping a nice cup of hot tea in a china teacup.....dreaming of days gone by!

Oh wait as reality sets in.....there is much cleaning and stuff to do.  I guess the movie watching will have to wait til tonight.

I didn't remind idle since my last post until now though.  I made a flip album for a co-worker/friend of one of my sons for her birthday.  She doesn't like cut flowers so he wanted to get her something she would like and be able to use.  Mom to the

With her little boy in mind I came up with this:

Just a few different patterns using blues and light green.  Leaving most of the embellishing for her once she puts in photos.

 Here are a few die cuts I have included for her to use.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My third kind of album

Which really is my 5th album in the last

This one is a called a Waterfall Folio.  Many possible uses for it, but I'll let you decide what you think it is best suited for.

A sleek 4 inches wide and 8.5 inches long and only 3/4 inch wide; "how much could it hold?" you ask.  Quite a bit really
A pocket and the right side holds the waterfall effect of places to put your little pictures or quotes or souvenirs.
A look of some of the pages of the waterfall

Isn't this a neat little album.  This again is a design I got from  I think this is one of my new

I will post again soon with some of the swaps I've been working on but really like for the people to receive them before I reveal.  So that won't be for about a week as they are all being mailed today.
Until next time....have a Happy and Safe week.

Second mini album...and third

This little album is almost like a thick card, and I wish I could give you a website to go to but I printed the directions off quite sometime ago and can no longer find the site to give proper credit.

I do believe this is the quickest and easiest album ever!

It is called a Flip Album
 Just showing some of the folds

Fully opened

How thin it is folded up.

Wouldn't this be a great little gift for teachers, maybe an anniversary or even for baby shower or weddings!

Of course one led to two:

I think this one will be a little souvenir of a tropical vacation I have planned.

My how time flies

It has been so long since I've posted and yet it seems like it was such a short time ago.  It is hard to believe that we are already half way through July!  Where has time gone?

There have been several changes here on the home front and it possibly means I will have more time for playing in my craftroom....but maybe I shouldn't speak to soon on that

I have been bitten by the mini album bug it seems!  Last month for a swap in OurCreativeTable kicked it off.  I made my first from the cover and everything mini album.

Every page having either a flip page and a pocket sliding page.  It was a lot of fun and kicked off new found skills.  Of course Jaiden asked me to make her a "Pinkalicious" album; which also includes green and purple in the mix.  It is still a work in progress.  This one though I did add a few minimal embellishments since it was for someone else (and didn't get photos of the few additions).  Directions for this can be found at  The entire directions are in 5 parts; click on the links below each part. 

As with all addictions this one has lead to two of this type album, two of another album and a third design.  I'll share those in different posts to not overwhelm with too many photos at once.

Hope you enjoy!