Thursday, March 11, 2010

A frog of a finish!

Yesterday I completed this little guy.  He is the 3rd in the set and I really enjoy stitching him.  I am so happy to be stitching again, after taking a hiatus from it due to just being too busy and tired.  Oh well that is how things go from time to time, and no use fussing over it.

I have also started seeing signs of spring, unfortunately didn't get photos of seeing some buds on trees during our trip to Maine and Connecticutt, but it was indeed a wonderful sight to see.
The last two days have been wonderful weather wise and it has been wonderful.  Although that being said the rain is moving in for the weekend; I guess it will help with the rebirth of plants and the world waking up from it's frozen slumber.
Now to start planning my garden and


  1. The little frog finish is adorable!
    I hear you about needing spring. And the garden work that goes with it. If this weekend weren't going to be so rainy I know I would be out there cleaning garden beds. :)

  2. He's such a cutie - nice finish!