Monday, March 15, 2010

Woo hoo a finish already this week!

I am amazed myself, but here it is Monday and I have a finish already for the week! This is the last of Tiny tidings II by Lizzie Kate. These were a lot of fun to stitch and I look forward to displaying them all at Christmas time. This one I think will go in my kitchen along with my gingerbread/sweets theme.

Other than this bit of stitching, yesterday we planted two strawberry pots with the hope of getting lots of fresh strawberries. We also will be planting blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and concord grapes (2 vines each), along with tomatoes and a butterfly garden to be able to look out on and see the beautiful colors.

This week will be a fairly busy one with St Patrick's Day on Wednesday (which means Irish Soda Bread, and corned beef and cabbage for dinner - yum!) and then decorating for Easter and the delivery of an armoire ( long overdue). There is also planning and invites to get made for Jaiden's birthday party which I think will turn out wonderfully from what we are picturing in our minds.

Spring Fever has begun

Although it isn't here yet, I have started making plans.  Yesterday hubby and I planted two strawberry pots and have blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and concord grape vines to plant.  Of course the latter plants will wait until this rain from the Nor'Easter stops.
I also have my plans and layout for adding a floral garden to attract butterflies and humming birds.  I'm really getting excited about all the work and outdoor time ahead.  Now just to get the weather to cooperate with my plans.

This week we are also planning for Jaiden's second birthday which rick and I are thinking of a Princess party.  Getting tiaras for her and her cousins Kailee, and Emma and a crown for Prince Tyler.  Now just make invitations and mail out.  Of course there aren't many to make as this is just a family party but should be fun. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A frog of a finish!

Yesterday I completed this little guy.  He is the 3rd in the set and I really enjoy stitching him.  I am so happy to be stitching again, after taking a hiatus from it due to just being too busy and tired.  Oh well that is how things go from time to time, and no use fussing over it.

I have also started seeing signs of spring, unfortunately didn't get photos of seeing some buds on trees during our trip to Maine and Connecticutt, but it was indeed a wonderful sight to see.
The last two days have been wonderful weather wise and it has been wonderful.  Although that being said the rain is moving in for the weekend; I guess it will help with the rebirth of plants and the world waking up from it's frozen slumber.
Now to start planning my garden and

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter Swap Received!

Upon our return from several trips to Maine this past week I was greeted with a wonderful package from Debbie Jo in snowaddictedstitchers yahoo group!  This was a Non-stitchy swap and I must say it was a nice treat.
Everything was just perfect for me and I look forward to using it just to keep everyone out of the jellybeans.  LOL
Other than the jelly beans there are 3 Ribband bookmarks for me to stitch on, beads, and buttons, krenik blending filament in rainbow colors, a fat quarter of quilt print fabric, and a note pad.

I love it all.  Thank you Debbie Jo.


This has been such a month. On March 1st we lost our daughter in law, Tiffany to Cystic Fibrosis. She battled this disease for 28 years, and enjoyed life. Although it wasn't easy our son Jasper was able to say good bye to his wife after flying for two days to get back to the US. We are grateful to the Navy and the American Red Cross for getting him home and helping him to do all the necessary things he now needs to do.

My time will be limited in the next few weeks as I stay available to make runs to Groton and back home helping him to go through things and prepare to move out of housing and separate from the Navy this summer.

The last few weeks I have gotten a little bit of stitching in and actually have a few finishes. On our first trip to Maine I began and finished "Angels bring Peace" by Lizzie Kate (Tiny Tidings II collection) and started the last of this series "Christmas is 4 kids" (which I still have some stitching to do on).

Then we returned home with Jay for a few days and returned to Maine for Tiffany's service which had previously been set up. During this trip I managed to stitch "March" on the Month SAL from OakhavenDesigns and also stitched half of my third of the Frog ornaments

I hope this week to finish up the Frog ornament and the Lizzie Kate design started.